Raspberry Pi UPS by using a USB power bank

You can set up a full-fledged, cheap and simple Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your Raspberry Pi on your own. All you need is a USB power bank - there is no additional Raspberry Pi hardware module required!

  • Powerful: The UPS can bridge over power outages of many hours.
  • Cheap: Hardware costs are at only around 20 USD.
  • Configurable: There is a specially developed program available for the Raspberry Pi to configure and monitor the UPS.
  • Rechargeable: The power bank will automatically recharge as soon as the power outage is over.
  • Compact: The Raspberry Pi still fits into any case you want!
  • Easy: The hardware and software setup will be done within minutes.
  • Highly available: You can order all required hardware components on Amazon - cheap and simple!

See the hardware setup and software setup for detailed infos about this UPS!