Software setup


You can use the GPL-licensed program upsd (Uninterruptible Power Supply Daemon) to enable the following features:

  • Shut down the system on power outage or when the power bank becomes empty
  • Execute custom scripts on specific power supply events
  • Monitor the status of the power supply, including the current charge level of the power bank
  • Log all relevant power supply events to the system log


To install upsd, simply run the two following commands in the terminal of your Raspberry Pi:

sudo dpkg -i upsd_1.2-1.deb

Done! To uninstall the program again, simply run the command sudo dpkg -r upsd.

Next steps

  • Check whether the program is correctly installed by using the command upsd -i to display the current status of the power supply.
  • You can read the complete documentation of the program with the commands man upsd and man upsd.conf.
  • You should do an initial configuration of the program. See the documentation for further details.


The following downloads are available for upsd:

Downloadupsd_1.2-1.deb (binary Debian package for the Raspberry Pi)

Downloadupsd-1.2.tar.gz (source tarball)

Further questions and answers

See the FAQ and the program documentation.